Ways to Get Involved


These are opportunities for students to showcase pieces of their curriculum with

their families. Extended families and siblings are invited to watch these events, as 

they are held in the gym or outside where we have ample room. Some examples include:

  • Vocal Music Performances

  • Second Grade Reader's Theater

  • Fourth Grade State Float Parade

  • Fifth Grade Wax Museum Performance

  • Band and Orchestra Performance


Parent Partner Activities:

These are interactive experiences designed so that students have the opportunity

to share a part of their grade-level curriculum with a significant adult. Siblings are 

not invited to attend these events, as they are often held in the classroom where 

we have limited space. We also want you to be able to spend some special time 

interacting with just your school-age child and their work. A few examples include:

  • First Grade Poetry Slam and Poetry Writing

  • Third Grade Multiplication BINGO and Bump-It Game


Volunteer Opportunities:

These are the various ways you can volunteer at Hitchcock to support our students' 

learning. We kindly ask that siblings are not in attendance when volunteering. 

Some examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Halloween and Valentine's Day Party Planner and Volunteer

  • Field Trip Chaperone

  • Watch D.O.G. Volunteer

  • Leading a Classroom Literacy or Math Work Station

  • Fun and Fitness Day Station Leader